What do INTS Students Major In?

The Integrative Studies track within Individualized Study at UMBC offers students eager to claim and individualize their education the supportive and creative environment needed to produce cutting-edge degrees. Click on the different semesters in order to get to know our most recent students and their INTS degrees in more detail.

Mickel Harding: B.A.: Human Resource Management

John Motavalli: B.S.: Biomimetic Materials

Paul Ocone: B.A.: Anime and Manga Studies

Megan O’Neill: B.A.: Sustainable Urban Design

Matthew Pham: B.A.: Clinical Diagnostic Competency

Tea Decker: B.A.: Arts Management

Meyer Fishman: B.A.: Music Psychology

Chasida Lurie Fertel: B.A.: Educational Psychology and Entrepreneurship

Trenton Mercadel: B.S.: Cognitive Science

Bilqiis Sheikh-Issa: B.A.: Community Healing Practices

Karina Aquiahuatl Villagran: B.A. INDS: Cultural Competence in the Health Sciences

Jeffrey Kee: B.A. INDS: Leadership and Technology in Sports Performance

Tyler Brocious: B.S. INDS: Stress on Emergency Health Professionals

Richard Butrim: B.A. INDS: Remote Sensing in Disaster Response

Alexander Getachew: B.A. INDS: Arts Integration and Experiential Learning

Zachary Holtzman: B.A. INDS: Interactive Game Design

Christopher Speck: B.S. INDS: Cybersecurity and Counterterrorism

Jasmine Strong: B.A. INDS: Visual Arts and Multicultural Therapy

Nandini Aravindan: B.S. INDS: Neuroscience

Snigdha Chigurupati: B.S. INDS: Neuroscience

Olivia Grimes: B.A. INDS: Place-Based Science Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education

Jordan Harper: B.A. INDS: Civic Agency and Democratic Engagement

Sasha Lenus: B.S. INDS: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Neurodegenerative Disorders

Mona Patel: B.S. INDS: Technical Communication in Engineering for Biotechnology

Alexia Petasis: B.A. INDS: Choreography for Social Justice

Christopher Roa: B.A. INDS: Music Technology and Social Entrepreneurship

Myung Sun Jung: B.S. INDS: Patient-focused Neurology

Sarah Miller: B.A. INDS: Global Perspectives in Documentary Photography

Tziona NessAiver: B.S. INDS: Neurotech Engineering

Surovi Bain: B.A. INDS: International Human Rights Law

Ethan Griffin: B.A. INDS: Urban Systems Design

Madison Koenig: B.A. INDS: Innovative Business Management

Heather Mortimer: B.A. INDS: Science Communication

Zachary Murray: B.S. INDS: Design Engineering

Krithika Prakash: B.S. INDS: Neurogenetics