Meet Tristan King

B.S. INDS: Development of Digital Therapeutics
for Psychotherapy

portrait of Tristan King

Spring 2021 Capstone

My INDS Degree

“I chose to major in INDS in order to transform my previous education in computer science into a pursuit that had deep personal significance and real social impact. INDS afforded me the opportunity to explore Digital Therapeutics and get a jump start on this cutting edge field. As a transfer student, I also chose to major in INDS because the supportive staff, faculty and students immediately created a welcoming community full of shared innovation and creativity.”

Degree Mentors

  • Dr. Ravi Kuber, Information Systems
  • Lee Boot, Image Research Center
  • Steven McAlpine, Individualized Studies

Post Graduation Plans

After graduation I intend to hold a software development position in a startup. I hope to target positions in the Digital Therapeutics space and directly apply the knowledge I gained as part of my INDS degree. Long term, I hope to pursue my own entrepreneurial venture in Digital Therapeutics.”


Courses In My INDS Degree

Clinical Psychology and Research Methods in Psychology: Learning the diagnostic, treatment, and research methodologies of psychology provides the explanatory knowledge necessary to research and develop effective digital therapeutics.

(PSYC 285, PSYC 345, PSYC 385)

Ethical and Regulatory Considerations: Understanding the ethical dilemmas of digital therapeutics, such as automating the jobs of therapists, as well as the regulatory oversight of digital therapeutic products allows me to be an informed developer and innovator in the field.

(PHIL 251, INDS 400, IS 460)

Software Development and Usability Design: Knowledge of programming languages, best practices and usability design is necessary to create digital therapeutic products for a variety of technological platforms.

(CMSC 202, CMSC 203, CMSC: 289, IS 303, IS 403,INDS 410, IS 448, IS 698)

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Management: Understanding methods of creating and marketing new products allows me to implement the knowledge base I have developed in my other focus areas and work to innovate in a rapidly evolving field.

(ENTR 200, ENTR 201, MGMT 210, ENTR 320,ENTR 340)

Individualized Study: This area of course work is required to progress with my degree plan and can be applied to my capstone project which will seek to integrate the social sciences with technology.

(INDS 330, INDS 335, INDS 399, INDS 430, INDS 480, INDS 490)