Meet Harley Khaang

B.A. Communication Strategies and Organization

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Fall 2020 Capstone

My INDS Degree

“My degree is Communication Strategies and Organization. I chose INDS because the interdisciplinarity allowed me to create a degree that combined my talents and my past experiences with academic disciplines and scholarship. I would like to utilize my degree as a communication/crisis management consultant as well as helping those involved in advocacy, grassroots and social justice movements share their message.”

Degree Mentors

  • Dr. Kate Drabinski, Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies
  • Kristen Anchor, Media & Communication Studies
  • Jill Weinknecht Wardell, Workplace Learning, Organizational Development, and Wellness

Post Graduation Plans

My immediate post-graduation plan is to find employment. I would like earn my accreditation through a respected organization such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the Newfield Network. Both ICF and Newfield Network are considered to be premier organizations for professional coaches and facilitators and offer comprehensive certification training programs. Both organizations stress the importance of proper training for all those who are planning on working in this field. Through an organization such as ICF or Newfield, I can supplement much needed training and preparation in facilitating future workshops and seminars. I am also considering attending graduate school, possibly earning a degree in Communication Management at Towson University in order to broaden my professional options.

Once I have secured employment, I would start researching communication firms I would like to work for long-term such as The Morgan Group, LLC, which specializes in media training and public speaking, or Invizion, Inc., a company that utilizes actors and acting exercises to help their clients with their presentations. I will be working as a communications strategist and will design and stage the presentations around the client’s talent and ability as well as conduct communication workshops and teamwork seminars. These firms not only focus on working with clients to help improve their presentations and public speaking skills but also in motivating them to become better employees and live their best lives. It is that guidance and motivation that will help clients make the breakthroughs needed and what I aspire to do as a communication strategist.   The Individualized Study Program affords me a multi-layered, multi-dimensional education needed to do this work. I bring my past acting knowledge and experience as well as my ability to communicate with the public, combine it with the interdisciplinary curriculum, and synthesize it all within a degree I call Communication Strategies and Organization.

Courses In My INDS Degree

Rhetoric is the art of communication and one of the major forms of communication is written expression. 

(LING 290, HONR 300, ENGL 300, ENGL 326, ENGL 379, ENGL 387)

In rhetoric, oral delivery of messages is also a component of effective communication along with non-verbal and visual delivery of information. Presentations communicate messages through performances, whether on stage, in front of a camera, on the web or on a podcast.

(SPCH 210, THTR 220, MCS 222, THTR 260, MCS 334, ENGL 387, MCS 399, INDS 400

In effective utilization of rhetoric, assessing the audience and their needs is part of communication strategies and organization. I need to understand who the audience is and the diversity of clients I will be dealing with in the future.

(ENTR 200, ENTR 201, SOCY 204, PSYC 210, PSYC 230, ANTH 321, GWST 322, PSYC 324, INDS 410)

The Individualized Study Program is the foundation of my studies and the core of my degree plan. 

(HONR 300, INDS 330, INDS 335, INDS 399, INDS 490)