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Spring 2018 Presentations

Fine Arts Building
Monday and Tuesday, May 7th and 8th
Ethan Griffin
Urban Transportation Landscapes: A GIS and Political Historical Narrative of Baltimore’s Transportation Deficiency

B.A. INDS: Urban Systems Design
Laszlo Korossy, Political Science
Symmes Gardner, Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

Surovi Bain
Measuring and Combating Child Marriage in Bangladesh

B.A. INDS: International Human Rights Law
Jeffrey Davis, Political Science
Bobbie Hoye, Office of the General Counsel
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

Heather Mortimer
The Impact of Exhibition Design on Free-Choice Learning in the Albin O. Kuhn Library Rotunda

B.A. INDS: Science Communication
Amy Hurst, Information Systems
Sandra Abbott, Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

Madison Koenig
Innovating User Experiences: Case Study of Design Thinking in a Small Service Organization

B.A. INDS: Innovative Business Management
Gary Rozanc, Visual Arts
Gib Mason, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

Zachary Murray
Creating an Improved Extruder Package for use with FRESH Bioprinting Methodologies

B.S. INDS: Design Engineering
Neil Rothman, Mechanical Engineering
Gymama Slaughter, Computer Engineering
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

Krithika Prakash
Associations between FKBP5 Polymorphisms and Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Systematic Review

B.S. INDS: Neurogenetics
David Eisenmann, Biological Sciences
Tabasum Majid, Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies