INDS Graduates Speak

“As an Interdisciplinary Studies student, I learned to see the strengths each different discipline could offer to address a problem and create an optimal solution no discipline could independently develop. Instead of seeing divides between my colleagues from different fields, I see connections and ways to build bridges by avoiding stereotypes of certain fields and communicating with shared language.”
– Nimasha Fernando, May 2017, ​Intercultural Health

“… ​Through the interdisciplinary studies program at UMBC, I was able to develop (and nourish) an intellectual curiosity and confidence that has better prepared me for this work than any other course of study imaginable. I am now in a program where my peers hail from the most prestigious institutions in the country — Yale, Stanford, Cornell, etc. — yet I feel, with certainty, that I am an equal.”
Rosa Rada, May 2017, ​Food Systems Policy

“… ​Having been to a number of institutions both domestically and internationally, I can confirm that INDS at UMBC is world-class. Its commitment to interdisciplinary undergraduate education is second-to-none.”
– Asif Majid, May 2013, ​Global Peace Building and Conflict Management

“Employers and colleagues immediately point out that my interdisciplinary degree empowers me to see larger patterns and think holistically when solving problems. This has amazing benefits in the technical work I do, as well as the business-focused process designing that is required to roll out any technical enhancements.”
–  Evan Ponter, May 2012, ​Music Entrepreneurship