Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Zainab Damji Scholarship 

Joy Ware 

Joy Ware is a junior designing an individualized degree in Educational Technology and Curriculum Development from a Multicultural and Inclusive Framework. As a transfer honors college student, she is a Teaching Assistant for the Honors College’s Transfer Seminar, and she also manages the African Student Association and builds community as a proud Congolese woman on the ASA board. In her spare time, she enjoys filmmaking and video editing, which she plans to incorporate into her degree. As a UMBC McNair Scholar, she intends to continue her education research after completing her undergraduate studies and will earn a Ph.D. in educational technology and policy. Her hope is to one day become a professor, educational technologist, software developer, and researcher who provides underserved and underrepresented learning communities with an inclusive educational model that supports their learning and overall well-being.

Bolton Scholarship Recipient 

Justin Coles 

Justin Coles is a junior passionate in a INDS major specializing in biostatistics. He has an active role in contributing to new experiences from being math tutor for the academic success center and being a fish lab assistant in a lab. Demonstrating a keen focus on honing versatile skills in analytics, critical thinking, and biological methods, Justin Coles is propelling towards his ambitious goals of pursuing a Master’s or PhD in a related biostatistics field after graduating his senior year. He is dedicated to expanding leadership capabilities, engaging in hands-on learning, and contributing meaningfully to research initiatives and projects.