Meet Alexia Petasis

INDS B.A.: Science Communication

portrait of Alexia Petasis

Spring 2018 Capstone

My INDS Degree

When I started my Individualized Study degree, I felt a strong calling to pursue a path that would  allow me to tackle women’s rights issues. At an anti-human trafficking organization in Baltimore called The  Samaritan Women, I heard firsthand the traumas these survivors experienced and the abuse they faced at the hands of their traffickers. I realized that dance could give strength to survivors while offering a powerful tool to tell these stories and increase public awareness

Degree Mentors

  • Jess Myers, The Women’s Center at UMBC
  • Doug Hamby, Dance
  • Erica Rebollar, Dance
  • Steven McAlpine,  Individualized Study

Post Graduation Plans

I want to attend an MFA program for dance, such as that offered at the University of Texas at Austin, with the specific focus of creating interdisciplinary works that portray social issues. Eventually, I would like to start a dance company similar to Sarah Panayiotou’s BABEL Movement with an emphasis on community outreach and community partnerships that would allow me to address social issues through dance and choreography.

Courses In My INDS Degree

Dance: I will learn techniques to represent  human experience through choreography. (DANC 230, 280, 290, 310, 316, 330, and 350)

Psychology: I will learn theories regarding  human behavior, such as motivation and empathy. (PSYCH 230 and 285)

GWST: I will learn about cross-cultural problems women face and how to advocate effectively. (GWST 200, 300, and 340)

Social Work: I will learn how to connect individuals with helpful community resources. (SOCY 310 and SOWK 388)

Entrepreneurship: I will learn how to market my ideas for a dance non-profit. (ENTR 201)

INDS/HONR: I will learn the frameworks for  effective interdisciplinary work and research. (INDS 330H, 335, 399, 410, 480, and 490H / HONR 200, 300, and 390)