Spring 2019 Presentations

UC Ballroom Lounge
Tuesday, May 7th
Sasha Lenus
Music Therapy as an Alternative Therapy Contributes to a Holistic Model of Medical Care for Aging Individuals with Neurodegenerative Diseases
B.S. INDS: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Neurodegenerative Disorders
Tiffany Gierasch, Chemistry
Raghava Munivenkatappa, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Carrie Sauter, Individualized Study
Christopher Roa
Teaching High School Students in West Baltimore Self-Expression with Music Technology and Hip Hop
B.A. INDS: Music Technology and Social Entrepreneurship
Alan Wonneberger, Music
Gilbert Mason, UMBC Training Centers and Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Steven McAlpine, Individualized Study
Snigdha Chigurupati
Evaluating the Effects of Personally-Meaningful Music on Mood and Behavior in Older Adults with Dementia
B.S. INDS: Neuroscience
Bernard Rabin, Psychology
Nigel Greig, National Institute of Aging
Carrie Sauter, Individualized Study
Jordan Harper
Tearing Down the Ivory Tower: Rebuilding an Academy that Values Democracy
B.A. INDS: Civic Agency and Democratic Engagement
George Derek Musgrove, History
David Hoffman, UMBC Center for Democracy and Civic Life
Eric Brown, Individualized Study
Olivia Grimes
Engaging Students in STEM Education using Culturally and Geographically Relevant Teaching Practices
B.A. INDS: Place-Based Science Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education
Michelle Starz-Gaiano, Biological Sciences
Joshua Michael, UMBC Sherman STEM Teacher Scholar Program
Steven McAlpine, Individualized Study
Alexia Petasis
Dance as Advocacy for Survivors of Domestic Sex Trafficking
B.A. INDS: Choreography for Social Justice
Doug Hamby, Dance
Jess Myers, UMBC Women’s Center
Steven McAlpine, Individualized Study
Mona Patel
The Effect of Data Visualization on the Evolution of Technical Communication in Health within the Past Twenty Years
B.S. INDS: Technical Communication in Engineering for Biotechnology
Jennie Leach, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering
Nisha Bruce, Food and Drug Administration
Carrie Sauter, Individualized Study
Nandini Aravindan
Maternal Diet and Exercise Influences on Peripheral and Placental Inflammatory Markers
B.S. INDS: Neuroscience
Weihong Lin, Biological Sciences
Kellie Tamashiro, Biological Sciences
Carrie Sauter, Individualized Study