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Capstone Presentations

The Capstone is one of the core components of INDS. It is akin to a senior thesis, however it takes into account the interdisciplinary and integrative approach that may be taken by the variety of different concentrations that our students choose to focus on.

Fall 2019 Presentation

Spring 2019 Presentations

Fall 2018 Presentations

Spring 2018 Presentations

Fall 2017 Presentations

Spring 2017 Presentations

Fall 2016 Presentations

Spring 2016 Presentations

Fall 2015 Presentations

Spring 2015 Presentations

Fall 2014 Presentations

Spring 2014 Presentations

Fall 2013 Presentations

Spring 2013 Presentations

Fall 2012 Presentations

Spring 2012 Presentations

Fall 2011 Presentations

Spring 2011 Presentations


Outstanding Capstone Project Awards

2016Markus-Allen Proctor

December 2013Yohka Tanaka

May 2013Eliana NessAiver

2012 – Christina Briscoe

2011 – Jeanie Blevins

2010 – Neil Haidorfer, Stanley Christopher Buckler

2008 – Christina Hawkins

Dec 2007 – Laura Dress

May 2007 – Louis Leibowitz, Truc Nguyen, Dana Daniels