Spring 2020 Presentations

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Spring 2020 graduates were unable to present their capstones.

Abram Bryan, B.A. INDS: Entertainment Business
The Reel Film Industry: The Evolution of the Consumer, Business, and Filmmaker

Courtney Perdue, Film Industry Professional
Vivian Armor, Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship
Eric Brown, Individualized Study

Nishka Patel, B.A. INDS: Illness Narratology
Examining the Cognitive and Psychosocial Profiles of GD1 versus GBA-PD Individuals

Dr. David Eisenmann, Biological Sciences
Dr. Grisel Lopez, Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship
Carrie Sauter, Individualized Study

Kristina Voronov, B.S. INDS: Medical Device Development
Analytical Data Weighing the Benefits, Risks, and Success Rates of the DaVinci Surgical System

Dr. Tiffany Gierasch, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. Neil Rothman, Mechanical Engineering
Steven McAlpine, Individualized Study

Shepherd White, B.A. INDS: Radicalization of Right-Wing Extremists in the United States
The Radicalization of Right-Wing Extremists Online

Kathryn Hemmis, Sociology
Shawn Bediako,Psychology
Carrie Sauter, Individualized Study