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Capstone Presentations

The Capstone is one of the core components of INDS. It is akin to a senior thesis, however it takes into account the interdisciplinary and integrative approach that may be taken by the variety of different concentrations that our students choose to focus on.

Please click on the capstone title to view a YouTube video of the presentation.

Spring 2015

Library 767
Monday, May 4th

12:30 Kirby Kelbaugh
Understanding and Translating the Emotional Scars of Bullying
B.A. INDS: Afterschool Education through the Performing Arts
Rita Turner, Media and Communication Studies
Mitzi Mabe, English
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

12:50 Aastha Jain
White Collar Crime and Mandatory Sentencing
B.A. INDS: Criminology and Criminal Justice
Sarah Archibald, Sociology
Rachael Hinkle, Political Science, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:10 Meagan Bennaman
Capital Punishment in Maryland
B.A. INDS: Criminology
Sarah Archibald, Sociology
Rachael Hinkle, Political Science, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Jill Wrigley, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:30 Kaili Offenbacher
A Biopsychosocial Approach to the Recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury in Adults
B.S. INDS: Neuropsychology
Stephen Miller, Biological Sciences
Robert Anderson, Psychology
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:30 Spencer Rosenberry
Veteran Students’ Success and Reintegration: Building a Better Campus Community
B.A. INDS: Psycho-social Perspectives on Community Building
Carolyn Tice, Social Work
Jason Schiffman, Psychology
Jill Wrigley, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:50 Maciej Naszkiewicz
Entrepreneurs in Guatemala: A Practical Guide of Historical, Cultural, and Economic Perspectives
B.A. INDS: Intercultural Entrepreneurship
Sarah Poggio, Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Tim Gindling, Economics
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

3:10 Sharde Hoff
Dissociative Disorders and its Prevalence in Trauma Victims
B.S. INDS: Neuropsychology
Judah Ronch, Management of Aging Studies
Raimi Quiton, Psychology
Eric Brown, Interdisciplinary Studies

Tuesday, May 5th

1:50 Madhu Karamsetty
Developmental Aging, Environmental Press, and Brain Development: The Case of the Green House Model
B.S. INDS: Neuroscience and Developmental Aging
Judah Ronch, Management of Aging Studies
Peter Rabins, Director of the Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:10 Andres Camacho
True Greens
B.A. INDS: Entrepreneurship and Digital Communication
David Hoffman, Assistant Director of Student Life: Civic Agency
Gib Mason, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Jill Wrigley, Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty Advisor to UMBC Garden
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:50 Chad Grant Integrated Marketing in the Era of Zeros and Ones
B.A. INDS: Integrated Marketing Communications
Donald Snyder, Media and Communication Studies
Paul Eagle, Director of Communications at Catholic Relief Services
Jill Wrigley, Interdisciplinary Studies

3:10 Yoo-Jin Kang
East-Asian-American Student Perspectives on Romantic Relationships and Violence
B.A. INDS: Psychosocial and Cultural Perspectives on Violence
Bambi Chapin, Anthropology
Robert Anderson, Psychology
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

3:30 Kelsey Donnellan
Vegetable and Fruit Consumption of Students at UMBC
B.A. INDS: Community Health and Nutrition
Luis Pinet-Peralta, Health Administration and Policy Program
Esther Fleischmann, Biological Sciences
Cynthia Wagner, Biological Sciences
Jill Wrigley, Interdisciplinary Studies

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Outstanding Capstone Project Awards

2012 – Christina Briscoe

2011 – Jeanie Blevins

2010 – Neil Haidorfer, Stanley Christopher Buckler

2008 – Christina Hawkins

Dec 2007 – Laura Dress

May 2007 – Louis Leibowitz, Truc Nguyen, Dana Daniels