Meet Zachary Murray

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B.A. INDS: Design Engineering

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Spring 2017 Capstone

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My INDS Degree

Art has been a passion for me since the day my parents bought me my first sketchbook to draw on while they worked. That book expanded my mind far beyond anything I could ever imagine. But art has become more than a passion; it has become a way for me to communicate with others. And to do so effectively, I needed to be familiar with the medium of film and the culture and language associated with the field. Over the years, I have had a chance to be on set for multiple independent short films and a music-cover video. Through these experiences, I found that I wanted to pursue a degree that incorporates the arts and business. Unfortunately, I could not find a traditional major that supported my intended goal. I realized that I needed to pursue a personalized degree that integrates my disciplines and passions to truly claim my education.

Degree Mentors

  • Gymama Slaughter, Computer Engineering
  • Neil Rothman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Carrie Sauter, Individualized Study

Post Graduation Plans

I am currently working as a contractor at the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense working in a fabrication lab. Ultimately I intend to develop a career with contractors in the defense industry to help design equipment and advance the technology that protects our troops. In terms of graduate training, I intend to pursue a Masters Degree and am currently favoring the Master of Product Design and Development Management track at The McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern. My degree fits their entry requirements perfectly as it requires an undergraduate degree in design, engineering, or related discipline and two years of work experience related to product development. This latter condition is met through both my current employment and through my intended capstone project.


Courses In My INDS Degree

Learn, follow, and apply the design processes through technical skills and mathematical analytics to synthesize products or ideas in a quick and thorough manner. (CMPE 212, 310 / ENME 220, 301, 408 / MATH 225 / CMSC 203)

Demonstrate the abilities to create, repair, or manipulate programming languages and circuitry.: I will effectively incorporate corporate goals and determine how to achieve those goals effectively.(CMPE 306, 310, 415 / CMSC 201, 202, 313, 411)

Develop the ability to take ideas described and translate them into 2D and 3D models for future analytics and production.: I will gain an understanding of the psycho-social factors that affect behavior. (ART 210, 214, 314)

Practice the ability to manage resources and work with people.: I will gain an understanding of the psycho-social factors that affect behavior.(MGMT 210, 310/ENME304)

Gain an understanding of integrating different disciplines through interdisciplinary methodology and thinking: (INDS 330, 335, 399, 410, 480,