Meet Tea Decker

INDS B.A.: Arts Management

Spring 2023 Capstone


My INDS Degree

The focus of my degree plan is to understand how to strengthen the relationship between art venues, performing artists, and audiences. To succeed in this focus, I intend to concentrate on “art production and creation”, “management and entrepreneurship”, and “societal awareness”.  With this degree I intend to work  at an art venue as a leader and connection between artists and executives to create a cohesive vision for the audiences in the community.

Post Graduation Plans

With my past experiences in stage managing, my immediate post-graduation plans include gaining experience working and volunteering at local theatres and other art venues. This could include stage managing and working in the office with the artistic director and operations manager. After gaining more practical skills in an arts organization, my path to success could include jobs as a director, a house manager, a production manager, and an operations manager.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Art Production and Creation: These courses will help me to grow my production skills with applications in dance, art, and theatre. Learning skills in scene design, safety methods, group leading, budgeting, and craftsmanship will help me to be successful in the backstage world. (THTR 371, 400, 405, 232 / VPA 225 / DANC 201)

Management and Entrepreneurship: These courses will teach me to be a better manager in professional settings, which I can use in a variety of art venues and situations. These classes will give me the skills to oversee the business functions in an organization. With the addition of communication courses, I will be able to learn how to interact in professional and effective ways. (MGMT 210 / ENTR 201 / MCS 222, 355, 388 / ENGL 393)

Societal Awareness: These courses will assist me in understanding social factors that influence the formation of identity and community. This information will help me to recognize the meaning of an artist’s work and motivation, allowing me to identify which artists appeal to the interests of audiences. (GWST 349 / MLL 305, 322 / THTR 202)

Interdisciplinary Coursework: Coursework: These courses will allow me to see the benefits of interdisciplinary knowledge, work collaboratively on my degree proposal, and prepare for my capstone. (INDS 330, 335, 399, 430, 480, 490)