Meet Sarah Miller

INDS B.A: Global Perspectives in Documentary Photography

Fall 2017 Capstone

Dona de Casa: Women of Rio’s Affordable Housing Movement

My INDS Degree

During the summer of 2012 I took part in a weeklong volunteer trip in Appalachia. It was during this trip that I witnessed first-hand many of the situational injustices that are present in America. Though this was not my first time witnessing poverty and malnutrition, it was certainly a situation that was new to me because of my close interaction with it. Because it was so different, I immediately felt the need to document it and thus began a love for documentary photography. I realize now that documenting has long been my way of exploring and processing new situations that I encounter. It is because of this that I am proposing a degree entitled Global Perspectives in Documentary Photography. This degree will be a study of what it means to document, and to use photography as a tool to explore and understand the world we live in.

Degree Mentors

Post Graduation Plans

My post-graduation plans include applying for a Fulbright grant to further my proposed capstone research in Brazil. I will also apply to a number of graduate school programs so that in the eventuality that I am not awarded a Fulbright scholarship, I will go to graduate school. Some possible graduate school programs I would be interested in include:

  • Columbia University; Columbia Journalism School; Master of Arts
  • International Center of Photography and Bard College; MFA Program
  • Mid Sweden University; International Masters of Arts in Photojournalism
  • Brown; Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Program
  • Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and MICA; Design Leadership

Courses In My Degree Plan

Interdisciplinary Studies: I will have a strong knowledge of what it means to integrate disciplines in order to best utilize each disciplines unique strengths and to acquire new and insights through integration of various disciplinary modes. (INDS 355, 339, 410, 430, 480, 490)

Global IssuesI will work to have a basic understanding of pressing global issues and consider the impact those issues have on matters seen and treated through various social science disciplines. (ANTH 201, 304, 419 / SOCY 201, 304, 400, 419 / POLI 300, 400, 409 / HIST 200, 300)

Languages and Culture: I will acquire proficiency in a variety of languages in order to develop access to cultures other than my own and develop skills and proficiency in intercultural communication. I will also learn about the ways in which cultures interact and integrate. In addition, my acquisition of Portuguese will enable to me to maximize my educational and cultural experience in Brazil and facilitate my capstone project research. (GERM 201 / FREN 202 / MLL 305, 306)

Visual Art:  I will study visual art with a concentration in photography in order to acquire the knowledge and skills to make a high-quality and impactful photographic work of art, as judged by experts in this field. In addition, I will take courses that will teach me technical and artistic skills.