Madison Koenig

INDS B.A.: Innovative Business Management

Fall 2021 Capstone

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My INDS Degree

My Innovative Business Management degree will allow me to manage and design solutions for organizations. Innovative managers utilize their organizational knowledge, leadership, and active facilitation to develop high performance teams and enable innovative ideas to flourish. Traditionally, management hinders creativity from its most important assets, its employees. Creativity is hindered when businesses restrict freedom, play It safe, limit group interaction, and force all employees to work the same way. Innovative managers differ as they set general goals, accept change, encourage new ideas, and allow for cross department collaboration.

Organizations led by creative leaders have a higher success rate in innovation, employee engagement change, and renewal. Innovation occurs when design elements are used in organizing ideas, creating prototypes, and sharing information. Managers facilitate this collaboration and give employees the tools they need to succeed. Businesses need to constantly innovate, as markets constantly change and if they do not appeal to customers and adapt then they will fall behind. Therefore, businesses can greatly benefit from critical thinkers and designers in the workplace.

To develop myself as an innovative manager I will utilize business oriented disciplines such as Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship. These disciplines allow me to develop organizational understandings, quantitative reasoning, production management, communication, and Information design to efficiently influence a business. I will utilize these skills to be a strong leader and manager In the workplace, as these courses will give me an understanding of day to day operations of businesses. However, as stated above, to be an innovative manager I will need to utilize design to approach complex problems successfully. To develop a more Innovative and creative mindset, I will also utilize disciplines such as Design, and Media and Communications. Design is more than a creative outlet, ii is a critical way of thinking. Designers approach problems from many directions, collaboratively plan, and work less linearly than traditional managers. Utilizing these Management and Design disciplines together will assist me in developing conceptual and technical skills. This will enable me to develop innovative solutions for organizations, allowing them to gain competitive design-driven advantages. Applying these methods can give businesses the edge they need to get ahead in this ever-changing market.

Post Graduation Plans

Post-graduation I will be looking to apply for entry into the graduate program entitles Master of Art in Design Leadership. I’m interested in a program that partners Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School; to launch a joint M.A. /M.B.A degree with MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) (Wrecker). MICA’s Provost Vice President Ray Allen aims to change to way CEOs value creativity with this program, as businesses rarely consider candidates with backgrounds with visual arts.  This degree assists students in becoming transformative leaders who engage organizations through creative processes that result in innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

To get into this program I will take the GRE in order to get into the Johns Hopkins program, which tests my critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills. I believe that the courses I am currently taking and through the use of study materials I can be prepared to pass this test. I will also have to fulfill the writing requirements, and I have the option to submit a portfolio. Since I am not strictly focused on art, the portfolio will consist of, marketing or promotional materials, video of business or professional presentations or samples of collaborative design or marketing materials. I can fulfill this through the utilization of aspects of my capstone project as well as from job experiences.

I am focused on getting a higher educational degree after graduation as I aspire to be a management consultant in the future. I would like to utilize management skills, problem solving skill, and innovative approaches in order to consult businesses on how their managers are approaching problems. This requires me to have not only a credible degree, but also extensive experience so that I can a trusted consultant. An M.B.A and M.A degree could give, me all of the skills needed to be a strong leader for struggling businesses. However, experience will also allow me to see the successes and failures of other businesses so that I may apply that knowledge to my consultations with business. I want to be an innovative change agent for businesses, teaching them how to think more creatively so that they can stand ahead of their competition

Courses In My INDS Degree

Acquire necessary knowledge of traditional management techniques, focused on understanding how people interact and communicate within business. (MGMT 210, MGMT 489, IS 438, MGMT 310, MCS 222, MLL 305, ENG 393)

Develop a general knowledge about corporations and how different departments of businesses function together. (ENTR 200, ENTR 330, ENTR 320, MGMT 360, MGMT 410, IS 300, MGMT 385)

Develop use of creative thinking skills and approaches in order to utilize them to organize ideas, spark creativity and visualize ideas. (ENTR 200, ENTR 330, ENTR 320, MGMT 360, MGMT 410, IS 300, MGMT 385)

Gain and understanding of the interdisciplinary process to successfully complete my capstone project. (INDS 330,INDS 335, INDS 430, INDS 399, INDS 480, INDS 490, INDS 410)