Fall 2017 Capstone Presentations

Fine Arts Building
Tuesday, December 5th
Sarah Miller
Dona de Casa: Women of Rio’s Affordable Housing Movement
B.A. INDS: Global Perspectives in Documentary Photography
Sarah Chard, Anthropology
Colette Veassey-Cullors, Maryland Institute College of Art
Stephen Freeland, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tziona NessAiver
Sonification of EEG and Associated Auditory Discrimination Task
B.S. INDS: Neurotech Engineering
Susan Bachus, Psychology
Charles LaBerge, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies
Myung Sun Jung
Relationship between Bilingualism and Alzheimer’s Disease
B.S. INDS: Patient-focused Neurology
Judah Ronch, Erickson School of Aging Studies
Tabassum Majid, Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge
Stephen Freeland, Interdisciplinary Studies