Meet Meyer Fishman

INDS B.A: Music Psychology


 Spring 2023 Capstone

Affective Music Therapy: Emotional Intention and Interpretation

My INDS Degree

I intend to investigate how music interacts with emotion. Composition and engaging with music in many ways will also be an important aspect of this degree plan. This degree will prepare me to work on designing therapeutic musical experiences. I believe that music is a powerful force on the mind and body; I have experienced this personally and have grown as a musician and composer because of it. I intend to combine the strategies and skills of social work integrated with psychological and music research. With this knowledge, I want to bring therapeutic experiences through music to those who are suffering from mental health disorders. Affective disorders and Substance use disorders are a particular area of interest throughout the development of this degree plan.

Post Graduation Plans

After I graduate from UMBC, I will reach toward graduate school. I have an interest in also working toward an internship with the Institute for Music and Neurologic Functioning. I have hopes to design and practice musical therapeutics with professional guidance. My broad goals include aiding people with compliance issues in recognizing and treating mental illness through music.

Courses In My INDS Degree

✅Application and Study Therapeutics for Mental Illness: These courses helps understand the complexities of mental illness in the context of group settings. The aim of these courses is to come from a psychosocial perspective and a sociological perspective. (PSYC 285, 210, 317 / SOCY 201, 374 / EHS 311)

✅Research and Design of Musical Therapeutic Intervention: These courses will help me understand the connection between music and cognition, which is a key element to understanding the study of the interventions I am designing and working towards. (MUSC 230, 328 , 480 / PSYC 311, 312)

✅Research and Integrating Therapeutic Knowledge with Practice: These courses will give me critical insight into the problems and experiences in social work, including working with addictive behaviors and aging individual. These courses further helps my journey as someone in the social work field who designs psychological therapeutics involving music. (SOWK 311, 369, 395)

✅Individualized Study: These courses will guide me through the individualized process for fleshing out what an individualized study means and understanding different disciplinary perspectives. (INDS 330, 335, 410, 430, 480, 490)