Meet Christopher Roa

INDS B.A: Music Technology and Social Entrepreneurship

Spring 2019 Capstone

Teaching High School Students in West Baltimore Self-Expression with Music Technology and Hip Hop



My INDS Degree

My degree, Audio Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship, aims to apply the technical skills and process of audio engineering and music with the community building skills of social entrepreneurship to help empower at-risk youth in Baltimore, MD. The need for after-school programs has been cited by Baltimore City public schools, as is referenced in The Baltimore Sun. My aim is to implement a program in which youth are free to express themselves and to work on personal development through songwriting, producing, and recording.

Through the INDS community at UMBC, I will gain insight to the communities surrounding the University and make connections both on and off campus to work with this idea. I believe strong relationships with people are key to bridging the gap between discussion and action.

Post Graduation Plans

After UMBC I will work as a freelance sound engineer. I seek to open my own studio that I could use as a space to manage a program for youth to work with music and recording. I want to be recording, mixing, mastering and doing active work in communities by teaching songwriting and music recording. I would like to work with music and other media such as film, television, musical theater and video games. I think all these media forms are important, and it is very rewarding to work in different areas.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Gain in depth knowledge and experience recording, mixing, mastering, music theory and musicianship. Being able to perform, write and understand music in depth is crucial to working in this field. (MUSC 218,  219, 318, 319, 416, 417)

Learn skills needed for good management, and understand and explore the concept of civic agency & social entrepreneurship. The goal of these courses is for me to understand how to run organizations as well as budget, track statistics and understand market trends. With this knowledge I will have the ability to acquire funding and understand how to allocate those funds to a start up or program. In addition, I will learn how to start programs to benefit communities I will work with. (ENTR 200, 201 / POLI 205 / MGMT 210 / ENTR 320)

Engage in creative thinking to work across financial, administrative, social and cultural barriers to make progress. Learn how to work in communities and understand learning. (EDUC 310, 412 / AFST 205, 271 / POLI 304 / ENTR 340)

✅Develop a working knowledge of Interdisciplinary Studies. Explore strategies for working best with people from other disciplines. This will help with working in real-world systems such as government, schools and business. (INDS 330, 399, 430, 480, 490)