Meet Rebecca Harding

INDS B.S.: Patient-Centered Care with a Focus on Emergency Medicine

Fall 2021 Capstone


My INDS Degree

From my experiences as an EMT and in the emergency department, I gathered that I need to learn how to converse with my patients about what they want, while also considering what I think they need health-wise. In addition, I realized that working with the fire and emergency departments may expose me to traumatic events. Both of these ideas, more compassionate and patient-centered care in emergency situations and stronger support for emergency medical professionals are important elements for the emergency medical systems of the future.

Post Graduation Plans

After graduation, I wish to attend medical school. I want to continue a career in emergency medicine, and so I am looking into schools like the University of Minnesota and Penn State. If I am unable to attend medical school right after graduation, I will continue working in emergency medical services and pursue my paramedic certification. This secondary plan allows me to work in the area I love, while also attaining more skills and experience that would enhance my medical school application.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Preparation for Work in Emergency Health Services: This concentration focuses on preparing myself for the stress and potentially traumatic experiences I could encounter while working in emergency services. (EHS 200, 311, 340, 345, 470 / PSYC 353)

Human Behavior and Communication: In this concentration, I am focusing on understanding human behavior, especially behaviors attributed to mental illness, stress, and addiction. Given these kinds of behaviors patients may be exhibiting, it’s important to change my approach to communication to provide the best care.  (PSYC 285, 382 / MLL 305 / SOWK 388 / SOCY 419)

Cultural Understanding: Through this area of concentration, I aim to become more aware of patients’ culture, values, and socioeconomic status so that I can consider those factors when making medical decisions. (ANTH 211, 312 / SOWK 311, 360)

Individualized Study: The courses in this concentration will refine my thoughts behind my degree and continuously challenge me to take charge of my own education. (INDS 330, INDS 335, 399, 410, 480, 490)