Meet Olivia Grimes

INDS B.S.: Place-Based Science Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education

Fall 2019 Capstone

Engaging Students in STEM Education using Culturally and Geographically Relevant Teaching Practices



My INDS Degree

Absent meaningful exposure and learning in the sciences, students lose out in the long run due to a job market that is becoming increasingly more STEM-related. I hope to provide a strong foundation and excitement for subjects like science through place-based teaching practices. I want to teach science that is not only engaging to my students but also relevant to their lives. Incorporating a school’s community assets in your teaching is one way to do this and not only benefits your students but it also benefits you as the teacher. These assets are there to support teachers; you just have to access them.

Degree Mentors

Post Graduation Plans

After I receive my bachelors degree I plan to seek employment as a teacher in Baltimore City, teaching Kindergarten or First Grade. My degree plan will prepare me for this goal by providing me with a background in education and teaching methods as well as a broad understanding of content knowledge in the science disciplines. My degree plan will also prepare me to facilitate learning opportunities
grounded in the communities of the children I will teach. I hope to plan activities such as field trips in my school’s community. If I were not placed in a public school in Baltimore City, I would consider Teach For America or teaching in a private or charter school.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Integrate Education and Psychology: Gain experience and strategies to teach in a classroom. Gain the capabilities to support children in accessing the general education curriculum. (PSYC 200, 285, 305, 308 / EDUC 433, 434, 439, 441, 446, 490)

Urban Studies: Gain a sufficient background in various science disciplines to effectively write science lesson plans that engages early childhood students in the sciences. (GES 302 / PSYC 200 / EDUC 439, 490, 650 / AMST 345, 422)

Health Sciences: I will prepare for coursework heavy in the health sciences for graduate school (PSYC 200/BIOL 203/BIOL 252)

Individualized Study: Gain Knowledge of the Interdisciplinary Process and Apply it to My Capstone Project (INDS 330, 335, 399, 430, 480, 490)