Meet Myung Sun Jung

INDS B.S: Neurogenetics

Fall 2017 Capstone

Relationship between Bilingualism and Alzheimer’s Disease



My INDS Degree

My interdisciplinary degree, patient-focused neurology, is designed to study a holistic approach to patient care in the aging population with a neurodegenerative disease called Alzheimer’s disease. I will view Alzheimer’s disease through the lens of postmodern medicine, which is to perceive a neurodegenerative disease not only as a biological illness to be taken care of, but as a combination of clinical conditions and patient’s experience of the disease. The narrative of the patient or primary caregiver’s own perception of illness gives a more comprehensive understanding of how to approach healthcare management to improve the patient’s quality of life. Therefore, it is crucial to implement patient care focusing on an individual.

Degree Mentors

Post Graduation Plans

After I graduate from UMBC with this undergraduate degree, I plan to apply for medical schools and pursue a MD to become a neurologist. Currently, I am planning to apply to the MD program at Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine [8] and University of Maryland, School of Medicine [9]. With my medical degree, I hope to work as a physician at a facility where I can be actively involved in both clinical practice and research on treatment and patient care of neurodegenerative diseases in aging population. The ideal institution that gives me both opportunities would be Copper Ridge Institute where I am going to have an internship.

If I am not able to attend a medical school upon my graduation, I am going to apply for a research program in neuroscience and participate in a biomedical research on neurodegenerative diseases.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Gain a foundation of understanding of the structure and functioning of the human brain. (CHEM 352 / BIOL 305, 430, 442, 451 / PSYC 285, 317, 335, 375 / AGNG 490)

Gain a basic understanding of effective healthcare in aging populations and research methods.  (PSYC 211, 307 / SOCY 351, 352 / AGNG 320, 321 / MLL 305)

Gain a basic understanding of interdisciplinary studies and its practices. (INDS 330, 335, 399, 400, 430, 480, 490)