Meet Mona Patel

INDS B.A: Technical Communication in Engineering for Biotechnology

Spring 2019 Capstone

The Effect of Data Visualization on the Evolution of Technical Communication in Health within the Past Twenty Years



My INDS Degree

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s society. The idea of technology being used to enhance biology is a concept that is changing the world. A huge part of that contribution being the development and design process put into place by engineers. The ultimate goal is to help improve human lives and the health of our planet. Due to the high demand and fast paced nature of the biotechnology field, it is crucial that the information being translated between engineers and management is coherent.

Post Graduation Plans

My short term goal is to work in the biotechnology industry or the regulatory branch of government. My fellowship at the FDA can be extended for up to five years, if I choose to continue to stay in that role.My long term goal, after a few years of experience is to get a Master’s degree related to management or business. I am also very much interested in doing a rotational program with Astrazeneca, a biotechnology company that I have interned for in the past.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Communications and Leadership: Learning how to apply innovative thinking to real world problems, learning how to lead others and understanding the perspective of communication both internally and externally. (ENGL 400 / ENTR 201 / HONR 410 / MCS 222 / SOCY 300)

Fundamentals of Engineering and Quantitative Methods: Designing and experimenting the application of engineering problems and statistical analysis within a team based environment. (ENCH 215H 225L, 300, 425 /  MATH 225, 251 / STAT 350)

Study of Biological and Chemical Sciences: Understanding the fundamental concepts and the instrumentations of biological and chemical processes within the biotechnology field. (BIOL 300L, 302 / CHEM 303, 351)

Individualized Study: Gaining an understanding of Interdisciplinary Studies and integrating them into the workforce. (INDS 330, 335, 399, 480, 490)