— Meet Karina Aquiahuatl Villagran

INDS B.A.: Cultural Competence in the Health Sciences

Fall 2019 Capstone

 The Role of Contexts of Reception in Healthcare Quality for Latin American Immigrants

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My INDS Degree

One critical problem immigrants seeking healthcare face is the underdeveloped cultural competence of health practitioners. I aspire to improve healthcare services by understanding how immigrant identities and hardships intersect with my own identities and medical responsibilities as a future occupational therapist.

Post Graduation Plans

After graduation, I will apply to Towson’s Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) Program. I would be just as enthusiastic about applying for master’s programs in Intercultural Communications or Applied Sociology, both programs available at UMBC. The coursework in this degree plan makes me eligible for both programs. In the long-term, I plan to work with or care for immigrant children in marginalized populations.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Care: I will gain an understanding of effective and culturally sensitive approaches to fostering health education, communication, and collaboration with immigrant communities.  (MLL 306 / HAPP 450 / HONR 300 / SOWK 374)

Determinants of Health: I will attain an intersectional understand of the effects of sociology, psychology, health policy, and immigration on health.
(HEED 216/PSYC 285/MLL 306/SOCY 351/ PSYC 387/SOWK 374/HONR 300)

Health Sciences: I will prepare for coursework heavy in the health sciences for graduate school (PSYC 200/BIOL 203/BIOL 252)

Individualized Study: I will gain an understanding of the interdisciplinary process to apply to a career in coaching.  (INDS 330H, 335, 399, 480, 490 / SOCY 300, 301)