Alexander Getachew

INDS B.A: Arts Integration and Experiential Learning

Fall 2018 Capstone

A Recipe for GRIT



My INDS Degree

This degree plan is based on five primary pillars: 1) Education/Psychology; 2) Social and cultural dynamics in relation to education; 3) Arts performance (especially music and theatre); 4) Experiential Project-based Learning; and 5) Interdisciplinary Studies. Within the first pillar, Education and Psychology disciplines will provide guidance and best practices in education related research. The second pillar comprises several disciplines, sub-disciplines and interdisciplines namely psychology, sociology, Africana Studies, and Modern Languages and Linguistics,which converge on insights into complex social dynamics such as race, socioeconomics, and other factors. The third pillar explores the role that arts performance (especially music and theatre) plays in effective arts integration. The fourth pillar is project based experiential learning. Its classes will be based on internship and service learning opportunities. The fifth pillar, Interdisciplinary Studies, provides a foundation for the integration of many different disciplines in order to strengthen and influence progress on Arts Integration and project based learning.

Post Graduation Plans

My work with the Walters Group, a nonprofit focused on Service Learning, Educational Consulting and Experiential Education has provided me with insight into the ongoing functions of service learning programs around the country and the overall impact they might be having on the success of diverse student populations. After graduation, I intend to continue working with the The Walters Group. I currently help to coordinate the collaboration between high school and community college students on service learning projects, but once I graduate my responsibilities will expand into arts advocacy and research in experiential learning.

I will also pursue a PhD at the University of Maryland, College Park’s “Minority and Urban Education” program.


Courses In My Degree Plan

Acquire foundational skills in education, child and adolescent psychology, and classroom dynamics in order to better understand the process of experiential learning.  (EDUC 310, 311, 490 / MCS 370 / PSYC 307)

Gain insights into complex social and communication dynamics (such as race and socioeconomic status) on communication between those within the educational process (e.g. teachers and students), in order to better understand their potential impact on access to, and outcomes in, education. (EDUC 490 / AMST 395 / MLL 305 / INDS 410 / SOCY 321)

Enhance performing arts skills to build a toolbox of skills that will aid in development and exploration in arts integration. (THTR 222, 229, 239 / ART 322 / MUSC 302, MUSC 303, 358 / VPA 225)

✅ Build skills through project based learning that combines theory with real world problem solving. (EDU 490 / MUSC 358 / MCS 370)

Grasp Interdisciplinary methodology and develop the means to engage in advanced research, and communicate effectively, across multiple disciplines. (INDS 330, 335, 339, 430, 480, 490 / AFST 495)