INDS 410 Internship Guidelines

  • Students can earn between 1-3 credits for a semester’s internship. Each credit is associated with an expectation of ~40 hours of work. The student chooses this at the point of enrollment using the dropdown menu.
  • INDS 410 is repeatable up to a total of 6 credits within an INDS degree.
  • Students must co-register for PRAC 098 Intern Success Practicum, a zero-credit, pass/fail course for students completing an internship. The practicum provides support, structure, and professional development to help you succeed at your site. It will appear on your transcript in the semester in which you complete the internship but does not add academic credit.
  • Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for INDS 410 and PRAC 098B. A failing grade in PRAC will result in a failing grade in INDS 410.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the deadlines specified by the Registrar’s Office when requesting the addition (or considering a drop) of INDS 410 to your schedule.

INDS 410 Internship Instructions

  • If you are interested in completing INDS 410 Internship, you must meet with your INDS advisor to discuss how this internship will relate to your degree plan, INDS 410 registration procedures, and the required assignments to earn credit.
  • It is recommended that you complete sections III and IV of this form with your site supervisor. After it is complete, the student will email Holly Cudzilo, cc: the INDS advisor, and indicate it is ready for the DocuSign process for signature approvals.
  • The Docusign approval page will be sent to the student (student is required to attach the INDS 410 Internship Request Form), then to the INDS advisor, site supervisor, and finally to the INDS Director for approvals.
  • After all approvals are obtained through Docusign, the student will receive permission to register for INDS 410, and a google folder will be created that contains the signed form along with assignment documents.
  • The Assignments for INDS 410 (due on the last day of classes) include:
    • Personal journal: Maintain a daily journal tying your internship experience to readings and material from academic courses. Personal observations and reflections are appropriate.
    • Annotated bibliography: Read and review six articles from four different academic journals.
    • Final report: Write a 5-8 page final paper synthesizing the experience. Be sure to incorporate an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • The student is required to contact the Career Center for registration into PRAC 098. The Career Center will need a letter or email from your employer verifying you have been offered a career-related internship. Our contact in the Career Center is Kacie Lawrence.
  • Examples of assignments for PRAC 098 include:
    • Orientation to professionalism in the workplace
    • Learning goals and action items
    • Mid-semester check-in
    • Professional development workshops hosted by the Career Center
    • End-of-semester evaluations submitted by student and supervisor

Interested in an INDS Internship?