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INDS 410 Internship Important Information

  • INDS 410 Internship is open only to INDS majors.
  • Students can earn between 1-3 credits for a semester’s internship. Each credit is associated with an expectation of ~40 hours of work. The student chooses this at the point of enrollment using the dropdown menu.
  • INDS 410 is repeatable up to a total of 6 credits within an INDS degree.
  • Students must co-register for PRAC 098 Intern Success Practicum, a zero-credit, pass/fail course for students completing an internship. The practicum provides support, structure, and professional development to help you succeed at your site. It will appear on your transcript in the semester in which you complete the internship but does not add academic credit.
  • Students perform an internship under the mentorship of one, named supervising professional, the careful supervision of an INDS advisor, and a practicum coordinator at the Career Center. This work should be applied and professional in nature.
  • Students may be paid for internships.
  • Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for INDS 410 and PRAC 098B. A failing grade in PRAC will result in a failing grade in INDS 410.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the deadlines specified by the Registrar’s Office when requesting the addition (or considering a drop) of INDS 410 to your schedule.

INDS 410 Internship Instructions

  1. To receive permission to register for INDS 410, you must complete the Docusign document.
    1. To obtain the INDS 410 Docusign document, reach out to your INDS Advisor who will then reach out to our Program Management Specialist.
    2. All signatures must be obtained via Docusign before permission will be granted to enroll in INDS 410.
    3. If you need help with Docusign please reach out to our Program Management Specialist Holly Cudzilo.
  2. Once approved, you must register for PRAC 098 “Intern Success, Work & Service Practicums”.
    2. The Career Center will need a letter or email from your employer verifying you have been offered a career-related internship. Our contact in the Career Center is Kacie Lawrence,