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Forms and Resources

The following forms are central to every student’s INDS degree. In each case, the course indicated in parentheses to the right of the hyperlinked form indicates where it applies within the INDS curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact a member of INDS staff.

General Forms and Information

INDS Guidelines (all aspects of the INDS degree)

Course Substitutions (all changes to an ISC-approved degree plan)

Applying for an Incomplete Grade (all INDS coursework)


Extending learning opportunities beyond the courses offered by UMBC

Independent Study (INDS 400)

Internship (INDS 410)

Apply for money to support research and/or travel

Developing a capstone research project

Capstone Project Detailed Plan Form (INDS 480)

Capstone Project Types Description (INDS 480)

Capstone Planning Presentation Rubric (INDS 480)

Application for an Honors Capstone Project (INDS 480)

Capstone Project presentation Rubric (INDS 490)