Fall 2016 Presentations

Fall 2016

Library 767

10:10  Hao Wang

Measure Science with a Paint Brush: Interdisciplinary Approach to Scientific Illustration

B.A. INDS: Medical Illustration

Gary Kachadourian, Visual Arts

Kevin Omland, Biological Sciences

Stephen Freeland, Interdisciplinary Studies


10:30  Michelle Alban

Teaching Diverse Learners in the Elementary School STEM Classroom

B.A. INDS: Environmental Science in an Elementary Classroom

Susan Blunck, Education

Dena Aufseeser, Geography and Environmental Systems

Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies


Break 10:50-11:00


11:00  Stephen DiNardo

Marketing a Sports Franchise in a Competitive Market

B.A. INDS: Brand Development

Dennis Coates, Economics

Zachary Seidel, Media and Communication Studies

Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies


11:20  Neena Paul

Promoting Critical Thinking in Elementary Education

B.S. INDS: Computational Education

Barbara Bourne, Education

Sharyn Kurland, Computer Science

Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies


Break 11:40-11:50


11:50  Melanie Schehr

From Gleaned to Cuisine: Increasing Food and Nutrition Knowledge

B.A. INDS: Nutrition Education and Communication

Vickie Williams, Education

Sarena Glenn, UMBC Campus Dietician

Eric Brown, Interdisciplinary Studies


12:10  Bryan Zamzow

Music Lessons for Well-being: Facilitating Flow

B.A. INDS: Music Education and Healing

Carolyn Tice, Social Work

Harvey Jackson, Howard Community College

Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies


Break 12:30-12:40


12:40  Kevin Justus

Do Fish have a Species Concept?

B.S. INDS: Animal Behavior

Robert Anderson, Psychology

Tamra Mendelson, Biological Sciences

Stephen Freeland, Interdisciplinary Studies