Fall 2012 Capstone Presentations

Library 767 

Monday, December 3

1:30   Jason McCarron
“Do Ethics Matter in Leadership?”
Studies in Ethical Leadership
Richard Wilson, Philosophy
Nicholas Lennon, Director of Leadership, Education, and Development Office at George Mason University
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:45   Danielle Jacek
“The Struggles to Restoration:American Child Survivors of Sex Trafficking”
Psychosocial Rehabilitation of Childhood Trauma
Adia Garrett, Psychology
Jeanne Allert, Executive Director of the Samaritan Women
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:00   Rosine Ndome
“Redefining and Reconstructing Current Diabetes Management Approaches for Low Literate Hispanic Patients”
Health Literacy Promotion and Advocacy for an Immigrant Population
Joshua Okundaye, Social Work
Sara Poggio, Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:15   Amna Aslam
“Reformed Juvenile Programs in Baltimore”
Social and Cultural Aspects of Crime
Jeffrey Davis, Political Science
James Thomas, Philosophy
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

Tuesday, December 4

1:30   Lauren Leclercq
“Expressive Inspiration: A CriticalLook into How Poetry Affects Child Development”
Creative Arts for Children
Piotr Gwiazda, English
Lynnda Dahlquist, Psychology
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:45   Eric Nicholson                           
“Renewable Energy and theResidential Sector”
Sustainable Practices in Management
Virginia McConnell, Economics
Patricia Sadler, Information Systems
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:00  Michael Pesci
“Should Major League Baseball Expand theCurrent Instant Replay System?”
Management and Communications in the Sports Industry
Dennis Coates, Economics
Vivian Armor, Director of The Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:15   Nicole Welkner
“US-China Cyber-Security Issues”
International Intelligence and Cyber Security: China
Cynthia Hody, Political Science
Kyung-Eun Yoon, Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
Meredith Oyen, History
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies