Spring 2012 Capstone Presentations

 University Center, 310

Monday, May 7

1:15    Jaime Tinnirella
“Incorporating Health and Wellness into an Early Childhood Education Environment”
A Comprehensive Approach to Health, Wellness, and Early Education
Patricia Scully, Education
Adia Garrett, Psychology
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:30    Amy Fowler
“An Analysis of the Hukou System in China”
Domestic Politics of Globalization in Contemporary China
Ka-Che Yip, History
Devin Hagerty, Political Science
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:45   Yelena Dewald
“Costa Rica’s Debt for Nature Swaps Program”
International and Global Studies
Devin Hagerty, Political Science
David Lansing, Geography and Environmental Systems
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:15   Kathleen Heasley
“An Examination of the Hepatitis C Infection: From Virus to Disease”
Ian Thorpe, Chemistry
Ivan Kramer, Physics
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:30  Alyson Becker
“The Earthquake that Shook the World: Cultural Differences in Media Presentation of Japan’s Tokoku Disater”
Intercultural Communication and East Asian Studies
Stanley McCray, Modern Languages, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication
Julie Oakes, History
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

3:00    Samantha Kahan
“Unity and Diversity in the Baltimore Jewish Community”
Unity and Diversity in the American Jewish Community
Cara Behneman, Hillel
Alan Yuter, Bnai Israel
Dr. Joshua Okundaye, Social Work
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

3:15    Natassia Walker
“What It Takes: Success Versus Failure in the Restaurant Industry”
Food Journalism and Entrepreneurship
Stanley McCray, Modern Languages, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication
Gita Ladd, Music
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

3:30    Robin Harris
“The Lived Experience of Baltimore’s Latino Immigrants”
Community Development for Immigrant Populations
J. Kevin Eckert, Sociology and Anthropology
Laura Hussey, Political Science
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

3:45   Rebecca Brach
“U.S. Interests Abroad and Free Trade in the Middle East”
Politicaland Social Globalization in the Middle East and North Africa
Cynthia Hody, Political Science
Wendy Takacs, Economics
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

Tuesday, May 8

12:15  Brittany Flather
“What Moves Us to Action: Emotions in Social Cause Marketing”
Information and Digital Media Management
Donald Snyder, Media and Communication Studies
Patricia Sadler, Information Systems
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

12:30  Jasmine Jones
“Visualizations for Self-Analysis of Performance for Older Adults”
Human-Computer Interaction in an International Cultural Context
Anita Komlodi, Information Systems
Judah Ronch, Erickson School of Aging Studies
Amy Hurst, Information Systems
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

12:45  Jennifer Mercer
“The Implications of Static and Dynamic Biopsychosocial Factors in Treatment of Female Juvenile Delinquents”
Women and Criminal Law
Joshua Okundaye, Social Work
Lisa Vetter, Political Science
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:15   Amie McDaniels
“An Environmental Curriculum in an Urban Setting”
Urban Elementary Environmental Education
Susan Blunck, Education
Sari Bennett, Geography and Environmental Systems
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

1:30    Erin Fincher
“The Role of Style in Scientific Illustration”
Visual Communications in Medicine
Steven Bradley, Visual Arts
Phyllis Robinson, Biological Sciences
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:00   Achsah Joseph
“What is Good Aid?”
Genocide,Human Rights and International Diplomacy
Devin Hagerty, Political Science
Lateef Badru, Africana Studies
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:15    Ryan Epps
“After-School Education in Urban Community Centers”
Community Arts Outreach
Carolyn Tice, Social Work
Symmes Gardner, Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:30   Nicholas DeStefano
“A Biopsychosocial Perspective on Undergraduate Alcohol Use at UMBC”
Biopsychosocial Health
Eileen O’Brien, Psychology
Lark Claassen, Biological Sciences
Carrie Sauter, Interdisciplinary Studies

2:45   Courtney Perdue
“Social Media and the Music Industry”
Media Management and Music Performance
Lisa Cella, Music
Vivian Armor, The Alex. Brown Center
Steven McAlpine, Interdisciplinary Studies