About the MDST Track

MDST is a restricted access track, open only to students referred to INDS from UMBC’s Office of Academic Advising. MDST is designed to benefit students who have already invested significant time and money pursuing a degree at UMBC but are unable to complete this degree. Specifically, UMBC has granted permission for INDS to offer the MDST option to students who: (i) have reached the end of their journey within a traditional major , as acknowledged in writing by that program’s appropriate representative OR (ii) left UMBC having already invested considerable time and resources into earning academic credits, but without any of the benefits of having completed a bachelor’s degree. To ensure that INDS respects fully the boundaries of this permission, enrollment into MDST is limited to students who have declared UGST (“Undergraduate Studies”) and received at least one advising session from a UGST advisor.

Interested in MDST? Contact Ken Baron