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INDS Program Policy on P/F versus Letter Grade:

As Spring 2020 draws to a close, the INDS program is pleased to support our students by accepting “P” where standard policy would have required “C grade of better” in the following two ways:

(1)  for courses within your individualized degree plan (including but not limited to INDS courses*)

(2) prerequisites (limited to INDS courses*)

The comments in parentheses emphasize that, like many other degrees at UMBC (though perhaps to a greater extent than most), any INDS degree will involve coursework from other degree programs. INDS has no authority to override those departments’ internal decisions* and so we will be advising our students to check carefully whether they need a letter grade in order to progress to future courses beyond our “zone of control”. Students are responsible and encouraged to verify with other academic departments (i.e psychology or computer science) to check carefully whether they need a letter grade in order to progress to future courses.

The most up-to-date, accurate list of current decisions may be found here:

Undergraduate Academic and Enrollment Policies

Search for “How will I know if Pass grading will be accepted toward my major/minor/certificate program or if it will be applicable toward pre-requisite requirements?”

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your INDS advisor – indeed, before requesting a pass/fail grade, students are STRONGLY encouraged to consult with your INDS advisor

* For example, Computer Science may maintain “C or better”  in CMSC201 in order to enter CMSC202 – thus, if these two courses were part of your INDS degree, you would have to meet this CMSC standard for this part of your degree.

Current students are encouraged to email their INDS advisor at any time to set up a virtual meeting.
If you have any other questions, please email our Program Director and copy our Program Management Specialist.
To keep updated with this evolving situation, visit UMBC COVID-19 Status Webpage.
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