Meet Krithika Prakash

INDS B.S: Neurogenetics

Spring 2018 Capstone

Interaction between Early Childhood Adversity and FKBP5 gene associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder



My INDS Degree

During my high school years, I was more involved in setting up some rural clinics while helping my parents. These clinics were trying to bring healthcare to the large rural population in India through the help of modern technology. This helped me realize the importance of translating research into helping people in the real-world. My experiences led me to consider the MD/PhD path. Following this epiphany, I began planning my next few steps. I started off at UMBC as a biochemistry and psychology double major, hoping to combine my interests in these two fields while completing my pre-med requirements. However, my decision to do an INDS degree stemmed from the fact that I could fashion my degree in a way that would allow me to integrate coursework from disciplines beyond just these two topics.

Post Graduation Plans

Following graduation, I hope to get into a graduate school focusing on Neuroscience or the physiological aspect of Clinical Psychology (Behavioral Medicine). The program will be research-intensive and will prepare me to conduct research on my own. My top choice of school is Yale University, where I would like to work in Dr. Gregory McCarthy’s lab. Primarily focusing on the functional organization of the human brain, Dr McCarthy’s lab focuses on a wide range of research in the field of neuroscience.  As a backup plan, I will apply to a Master’s program in Psychology or Neuroscience at the following universities: John Hopkins University, University of Maryland, Michigan State University and Duke University. This will provide research experience and enhance my academic knowledge following which I hope to secure entry into a PhD program.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Identify the contributions of genes as a response to Potentially Traumatic Events.  (BIOL 302, 302L, 420)

Characterize a variety of social science disciplines that contribute to understanding stress and trauma as a function of the environment. (PSYC 285, 345 / EHS 311 / SOCY 351, 458)

Learn the methodology of research within Biology and Psychology in order to synthesize the required disciplines for my Capstone Project.  (BIOL 300L, 302L, / INDS 480, 490 / PSYC 311, 312)

Obtain an awareness of the interdisciplinary process and apply it to my own degree plan and Capstone Project. (INDS 330H, 399, 430, 480, 490)