Meet Jonathan Rodman

INDS B.S: Soundscape Ecology

Fall 2020 Capstone

 A Soundscape Analysis of the Cylburn Arboretum and a Central Section of the 33rd Street Corridor

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My INDS Degree

INDS gave me the opportunity to collaborate with profes­sionals in the fields of bioacoustics, ecoacoustics, acoustic technology, neuroscience, and sound design in order to cre­ate a unique degree focused on research experiences. I want to utilize my degree as a competency signaling device for employment and apply the skills and understanding I have gained to future acoustic research.

Post Graduation Plans

Upon graduating, I intend to continue working for my employer Sound United as an acoustic engineering technician in order to continue gaining skills related to the field of acoustics.  Through on-the-job training, I am gaining professional experience that is applicable not only to audio technology engineering but larger interdisciplinary acoustic applications as well.  In the future, I would apply to the National Park Service’s Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division.

Courses In My Degree Plan

Sound’s Effect on Human Well-being and the Psychosensory Experience:This coursework assists me in informing design and consultation decisions based upon the impact the resulting multisensory stimuli will have on humans. The coursework also assists me in understanding how existing stimuli are already impacting humans.  (PSYC 335, 370)

Geographic Communication and Environmental Impact: This coursework assists me in communicating sonic data to stakeholders and making design and consultation decisions based upon the impact they will have on the environment. It also assists me in understanding how current infrastructure is already impacting the environment.  (GES 302, 305, 328, 381, 386)

Applied Sound Studies: This coursework assists me in gaining more knowledge about sound and applying that knowledge through sound design and acoustic research.  (THTR 337, 400 / ART 395 / ENGL 2L 200 / BIO 499)

Interdisciplinary Methodology, Logic, and Building the Individualized Degree: This coursework assists me with making logical decisions to meet my goals, engaging interdisciplinarily, building my degree, and carrying out project work.  (INDS 330, INDS 335, 399, 480, 490)