Zainab Damji


Zainab Damji was an individual who began to teach those around her at a very young age, always going to great lengths to help those in need. She had knowledge beyond her years, and had a motto that she instilled in family and friends of never giving up on their dreams. Each day, she encouraged all seven of her children to seek their passions and education by any means possible. Her love of knowledge and seeking it was unparalleled, especially as she recognized that our universe contained within it an incredible amount that even multiple lifetimes could not fully ascertain. She lived a life of hope, love, and passion, mothering 7 children and witnessing the birth of 9 grandchildren. A pillar of strength that held her community together, she is remembered to this day as a beacon in times of great need. She passed away on December 7, 2002.



Zainab Damji’s legacy is honored through a scholarship exclusive to Interdisciplinary Studies students. To learn more, click here.