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Who Should Consider INDS

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program is ideal for a wide range of students at UMBC:

Students who have a strong interest in multiple disciplines can integrate them for a single, unique degree. If a student has an idea of how they would like to bridge two or more different disciplines, they should certainly look into INDS!

Students who have specific career aspirations can create degrees that target their goals directly. By sifting through UMBC’s vast course catalog, students can identify courses that are appropriate for the degree they wish to earn, that will also help to prepare them for success in their interdisciplinary field. With a specific and unique degree, students can enter the workforce that much more specialized for their own goals.

Students who have started on a particular degree path but would like to carry forth on a different road can incorporate what they’ve gained from their former discipline into the genesis of a personal, more fitting degree.

There are a plethora of motives that are suitable for INDS, but they are all consistent in the goal of combining different fields into something personal and fulfilling.