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Technology Entrepreneurship and Organizational Management

This is a sample set of learning objectives only. Each INDS student chooses a unique combination of courses as part of their degree proposal.

In order to achieve my academic goals, I must take a unique arrangement of courses that collectively contribute to a diverse education resulting in the acquisition of life-long skills. My learning objectives are designed to allow me to:

1. Understand the basic principles behind bringing ideas to market and how to write a business plan.
– ENTR 200: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
– ENTR 201: The Entrepreneurial Mindset
– ENTR 320: Entrepreneurial Marketing
– IS 300: Management in Information Systems

2. Understand how to manage an organization and understand the psychology of effective management.
– MGMT 210: Introduction to Management
– MGMT 310: Human Resource Management
– MGMT 360: Business Law
– MGMT 385: Business Ethics and Society
– MGMT 410: Production Management

3. Understand pedagogy and how to design an experience resulting in the transfer of knowledge to learners.
– IS 300: Management in Information Systems
– IS 303: Fundamentals of Human Computer Interaction
– IS 403: User Interface Design
– EDUC 310: Inquiry into Education
– EDUC 311: Psychological Foundation of Education
– EDUC 412: Analysis of Teaching and Learning

4. Understand how to conduct qualitative, quantitative, and marketing research to fulfill my entrepreneurial objectives.
– ENTR 320: Entrepreneurial Marketing
– HAPP 403: Introduction to International Field Research
– MLL 305: Introduction to Intercultural Communication
– STAT 351: Applied Statistics for Business and Economics

5. Meet the requirements of the INDS program and learn interdisciplinary strategies needed to approach complex problems.
– INDS 330: Ways of Knowing
– INDS 430H: Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar – Kinetic Sculpture Project
– INDS 480: Capstone Project Seminar
– INDS 490: Capstone Project