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Individualized Study Committee

The Individualized Study Committee (ISC) puts INDS staff, instructional faculty from across campus, professional staff, and INDS student representatives in conversation to review, improve, and evaluate student INDS degree plans produced in INDS 335 each semester. Members of the ISC are integral in providing students constructive feedback on their work-in-progress that will they use to refine their ideas, revisit their list of classes, consider new internship and post-graduation plans, etc. Currently, the ISC meets once each month during the Spring and Fall semesters at noon to facilitate these important conversations.

UMBC Instructional Faculty

Picture of Simon

Dr. Simon Stacey

The Honors College
Albin O. Kuhn Library, Room 216
Office x53720

Dr. David Lansing

Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor
Geography and Environmental Systems
Sondheim 211
Office x52971


Dr. Michelle Starz-Gaiano

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
BS 212
Office x52217






 UMBC Professional Staff





Student Representatives

Keren Herran

Student Representative
Individualized Study

Abram Bryan

Student Representative
Individualized Study