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Bolton Family Scholarship Recipients

2020: Andrew Beck

Andrew Beck is a student in his senior year of his INDS degree studying Video Game and Puzzle Concept Design. He is a member of the Game Developers Club, where he is currently working on a team-based project, and is also a game designer for Organic Panic!, a live-action role playing game. Andrew’s capstone focuses on achieving flow through video games, and finding the best ways to provide flow to anyone. After graduation, Andrew plans to enter the video game industry as a game designer, where he can work to create a fun experience as well as inspire others to create, to continue what video games gave him.

2019: Kristina Voronov

I began this journey in 2013 when I received an internship at a biotechnological manufacturing firm–Osiris Therapeutics–in sophomore year of high school. Since the internship, my interest in studying how to advance medical technology has grown to become an Individualized Study (INDS) degree which integrates coursework in mathematics, statistics and engineering – set against a background of life sciences. Within my degree, mathematical coursework in calculus (including differential equations), statistics and bioinformatics provides tools for modeling and analysis. These analytical skills combine with engineering coursework in dynamics, mechanics, thermodynamics, materials and machine design to provide practical and useful foundation in how to design, create, and then implement technologies as a technological device. Life science coursework in chemistry, genetics and cell biology prepare me to understand the specific challenges targeted by biomedical researchers.