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Introducing... INDS Service Cords!

Earn recognition for your service to the INDS program

October 6, 2016 11:57 PM
We are thrilled to announce a new way to earn recognition for your service to the INDS program.... a special cord to wear at graduation signifying the time and talent you provided to Interdisciplinary Studies.

The breakdown will be (but is not limited to) the following ways to earn your service cord. Additional items can be added to the list, and special circumstances for individualized service will be considered.

In order to earn your cord to wear at graduation, students must earn a minimum of 75 points through a series of activities. Cords would be presented to graduates at capstone presentations. After you have completed a service, submit the form on our website

Some opportunities may be announced through our myUMBC group page; others will be presented in a Council of Majors meeting. You can also reach out to a staff member in INDS for current opportunities that need your helping hands.

5 pts - take photos at an INDS event and share with INDS staff
5 pts - assist INDS staff, Council of Majors or LLC RA with set-up for an event
5 pts - assist INDS staff, Council of Majors or LLC RA with clean up for an event

10 pts - write an article (~250 words) for the INDS newsletter
10 pts - take photos and write a photo story (~250 words) about an INDS event
10 pts - spend an hour writing thank you notes to those who contribute to INDS
10 pts - represent INDS for one hour at an Admissions event

15 pts - spend 1.5 hrs help to plan and execute a CoM event under the leadership of a CoM officer or the individual responsible for planning the event
15 pts per meeting - accept invitation and participate in the Mock ISC (includes 30 minutes preparatory reading and 1 hour of participation)

20 pts - serve as an officer for one semester in the INDS Council of Majors
20 pts - plan and execute an event with the management of other CoM members for the INDS Council of Majors
20 pts - mentor an INDS student formally through the INDS Peer Mentoring Program
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