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The Individualized Study program at UMBC offers students eager to claim and individualize their education the supportive and creative environment needed to produce cutting-edge degrees. Click on the link by each name in order to get to know our most recent students and their INDS degrees in more detail.


Fall 2020

Adam Ferguson: B.S. INDS: Integrative Health

Harley Khaang: B.A. INDS: Communication Strategies and Organization

Jonathan Rodman: B.S. INDS: Soundscape Ecology

Spring 2021

Samar Ahmed: B.A. INDS: Environmental Impacts on Public Health

Lake Amtmann: B.S. INDS: User Experience Design and Development

Davis Cappabianca: B.A. INDS: Organizational Culture in Disaster Response

Keren HerrĂ¡n: B.S. INDS: Global Health Considering Environmental Factors

Tristan King: B.S. INDS: Development of Digital Therapeutics for Psychotherapy

Woo Ko: B.S. INDS: Child-Centered Healthcare

Zachary Neuhaus: B.S. INDS: Resilient Technologies and Disaster Management

Andrew Park: B.S. INDS: Digital Product Development and Design

Fall 2019

Jeffrey Kee: B.A. INDS: Leadership and Technology in Sports Performance

Spring 2020

Abram Bryan: B.A. INDS: Entertainment Business

Nishka Patel: B.A. INDS: Illness Narratology

Kristina Voronov: B.S. INDS: Medical Device Development

Shepherd White: B.A. INDS: Radicalization of Right-Wing Extremists in the United States

Fall 2018

Tyler Brocious: B.S. INDS: Stress on Emergency Health Professionals

Richard Butrim: B.A. INDS: Remote Sensing in Disaster Response

Alexander Getachew: B.A. INDS: Arts Integration and Experiential Learning

Zachary Holtzman: B.A. INDS: Interactive Game Design

Christopher Speck: B.S. INDS: Cybersecurity and Counterterrorism

Jasmine Strong: B.A. INDS: Visual Arts and Multicultural Therapy

Spring 2019

Nandini Aravindan: B.S. INDS: Neuroscience

Snigdha Chigurupati: B.S. INDS: Neuroscience

Olivia Grimes: B.A. INDS: Place-Based Science Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education

Jordan Harper: B.A. INDS: Civic Agency and Democratic Engagement

Sasha Lenus: B.S. INDS: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Neurodegenerative Disorders

Mona Patel: B.S. INDS: Technical Communication in Engineering for Biotechnology

Alexia Petasis: B.A. INDS: Choreography for Social Justice

Christopher Roa: B.A. INDS: Music Technology and Social Entrepreneurship

Fall 2017

Myung Sun Jung: B.S. INDS: Patient-focused Neurology

Sarah Miller: B.A. INDS: Global Perspectives in Documentary Photography

Tziona NessAiver: B.S. INDS: Neurotech Engineering


Spring 2018

Surovi Bain: B.A. INDS: International Human Rights Law

Ethan Griffin: B.A. INDS: Urban Systems Design

Madison Koenig: B.A. INDS: Innovative Business Management

Heather Mortimer: B.A. INDS: Science Communication

Zachary Murray: B.S. INDS: Design Engineering

Krithika Prakash: B.S. INDS: Neurogenetics