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INDS major Drue Nixon secures Entrepreneurship URA scholarship

Congratulations to INDS major Drue Nixon (“Graphic Storytelling and Publishing”) for earning the new Entrepreneurship URA Award for 2018-2019! She will receive $1500 to start their idea and get their social entrepreneurship project going. To learn more about her project, read on!

Drue Nixon (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Project Title:  Ella and Ida Summer Camp
Mentor – Gib Mason
The contributions that black women have made to major social movements such as the civil rights movement, has been largely ignored in historical texts. In many books and texts, authors center their narrative around a male figure who somehow organized the entire movement.  In contrast, black women are often portrayed as supportive figures to men. This narrative marginalizes the stories of black women. For many years, comic books were viewed as a source of entertainment for children. In recent years, more and more educators are seeing the benefit of utilizing comic books in the classroom. Comics can possibly help visual learners who process information better by studying pictures and images.

The goal of Ella & Ida Comics Summer Camp is to not only teach young girls about the black women’s contributions to nineteenth- twentieth century social movements, but to also teach them how to produce a short historical comic book.

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