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INDS Instagram Photo Contest

Instagram Contest flier final copy

The INDS Photo Contest is a monthly competition that aims to create a collection of images illustrating the diverse activities of our program. This collection will be used to promote the INDS program at future events and published materials, including various web-based platforms.

Prize: Each month the winning photo will receive a prize of $25 placed on the campus card of the student who submitted that entry.

Judging: Judging will take place during the first week of every month as INDS staff gather to review each photo submitted during the previous calendar month. The judges will be looking for a photo that illustrates something within the broad range of activities covered by the INDS program. These activities include coursework, fieldwork, research, independent study, internships, INDS events, and anything else that relates to your degree/the program in general. In future months, we may announce a “theme of the month” (e.g. Foreign Travel) but for now (and until posted otherwise) we invite pictures from any and all aspects of INDS. Remember, our primary aim is to create a large body of up-to-date images that we can go on to use in our promotion and outreach materials: we are looking for images that engage their viewer in a deeper sense of the rich opportunities afforded by INDS.


  • Submit images through Instagram* with at least 3 tags (e.g. research, field work…) as well as #INDSumbc
  • Provide a caption of 25 words or less (what, where, how it relates to INDS)
  • The competition is open to INDS majors and non-majors – it is only the subject matter that must relate directly to the INDS program
  • Each month’s winner will be contacted at the beginning of the next month – i.e. our first winner, for October’s photos, will be announced in the first week of November.
  • The purpose of the contest is to build a library of images to promote INDS. We therefore ask that each entry is made available for our later use for brochures, posters, reports etc. For this reason by submitting an image you are agreeing to UMBC’s Terms and Permissions.

* You will need an Instagram account. It is an easy and free app to download on your smartphone. Contact us if you need further help