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INDS 410 – Internships

Internship Form (INDS 410)

This is the form with which to apply (to your INDS academic advisor) to be enrolled in an internship for credit. As part of your planning, check carefully the add/drop dates for independent study in the appropriate UMBC academic calendar. Students may apply to earn between 1 and 6 credits for a semester’s internship. The course is repeatable up to a total of 6 credits in an INDS degree. Each credit is associated with an expectation of ~40 hours of work, under the mentorship of one, named supervising professional. For an internship, this work should be applied and professional in nature (e.g. performing service to an organization or individual, shadowing a professional or experiencing a job) Work that is scholarly in nature (e.g. reading and writing, collecting data, producing a work of art etc.) should apply instead for INDS400-Independent Study credit. Independent research should take place under the mentorship of two or more staff, faculty or professionals (one of these may be your INDS advisor).


Internship credit may also be sought from the Career Services Center. A third alternative is to apply for a “Practicum” – a non-credit notation on your transcript.