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INDS 400 Independent Study Important Information

  • INDS 400 Independent Study is open only to INDS majors.
  • An independent study can range from 1-3 credits depending on the amount of work and time required.
  • Most independent studies are research-based papers; the typical length is 30 pages for a 3-credit independent study. If the independent study has the outcomes of a finished product/presentation, a 10-page written component must accompany the final project.
  • The deadline for completed work in the independent study is the last day of class in the semester for which enrolled in INDS 400. A copy must be sent to both the faculty mentor and the INDS Advisor.
  • The faculty mentor will assign a letter grade for the independent study and communicate that grade to the student, the INDS advisor, and the Director before the last day grades are due.
  • Please be sure to adhere to the deadlines specified by the Registrar’s Office when requesting the addition (or the drop) of INDS 400 to your schedule.

INDS 400 Independent Study Directions

  1. All independent studies must have a faculty mentor to indicate the work to be completed for INDS 400 credit. If the independent study follows much of the work from an established course, the syllabus should be followed as closely as possible.
  2. To receive permission to register for INDS 400, you must complete the Docusign form.
    1. To obtain the INDS 400 Docusign form, reach out to your INDS Advisor who will contact our Program Management Specialist.
    2. All signatures must be obtained via Docusign before permission will be granted for the independent study.
    3. If you need help with Docusign please reach out to our Program Management Specialist Holly Cudzilo.