Individualized Study Living-Learning Community


The Individualized Study Living-Learning Community (INDS LLC) provides new students with the opportunity to discover their true academic passions during their first year on campus. New participants will engage with current students, faculty, and staff as they explore a variety of academic majors and career options while also learning how to be a successful student at UMBC.

Students with a variety of academic interests, as well as students that are uncertain about their major and/or future goals, are especially encouraged to apply. Participants will be selected based on their proven academic abilities and diverse interests.

Please note: The INDS Living-Learning Community is offered in partnership with the Discovery Scholars Living-Learning Community (or DS LLC). These two LLCs share a floor on the West Wing of Patapsco Hall and while each has their own components, they also work collaboratively together throughout the academic year. You can click HERE to learn more about the Discovery Scholars LLC.

UMBC offers ten different Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) for new students. A description of each option can be found on the Residential Life website, under “Living-Learning Community Options”. We encourage new students to explore all of the LLCs and apply for the ones that relate the most to your interests. Students can apply for up to THREE of these programs when completing their housing application by or before May 1st.


What have past students said about INDS LLC?

“Being in an LLC, you care more about each other than your average college student.” –Nick Stommel

“Everyone is a different major so there are lots of different interactions and people. There were lots of social events to introduce you to people.” –Megan Clelan

“I like how everyone is willing to talk to one another because of the LLC.” –London Davis

For more information contact Stephen Freeland at or Holly Cudzilo at