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How to declare an INDS major

You can declare INDS as your major in two easy steps:(1) Complete the Declaration of Major Form

(first one on the list)
You will need to print this out in order to get signature from a member of INDS staff (Steve Freeland, Steven McAlpine, Jill Wrigley, Carrie Sauter or Eric Brown) before submitting to the Registrar. Email any of us, or contact our front desk (LINK TO CONTACT US), to set up an appointment that fits your schedule.

(2) Complete a blue INDS Information Sheet when you come in to get your signature:

Your adviser will add any notes from your first advising session (i.e. when you come to get the required signature), together with any transcripts or other information that starts a formal reocrd of your relationship with us. We spend a lot of time advising our students, one-on-one in order to ensure you graduate successfully, happily, on time