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General Information

Background on the INDS Program

The Individualized Study Program awards both BA and BS degrees to UMBC undergraduates who have used the INDS 335 class to assemble a degree proposal and had this proposal approved by the Individualized Study Committee (ISC).

Each of our students works with INDS staff and two hand-picked members drawn from the broader UMBC faculty and/or professional world to create this individualized education program. In addition to providing a core curriculum to help students combine courses from different disciplines, we also encourage internships and independent research.

Proposing an INDS Degree

Students may declare INDS as their major at any point as undergraduates. In order to progress through the degree, students must take INDS 330 first and then write their degree plan in INDS 335. At the conclusion of INDS 335, students’ degree plans are submitted to the Individualized Study Committee (ISC) and must receive a vote of approval before they can continue through the INDS curriculum of INDS 399, INDS 480, and INDS 490. To find out more, please contact an INDS advisor.

Once a degree plan has been approved by the ISC, it is a binding contract (i.e., a student may only graduate by fulfilling the commitments made within the approved proposal). That said, exceptions are sometimes necessary. For example, if a course is no longer offered by the time a student reaches that point in his or her degree, that student must complete Course Substitution Application, in which a specific change is requested and reasons for that change are provided. Signatures are required from faculty mentors of the approved degree plan and the INDS advisor in support of the application, which is then submitted by the INDS advisor to the INDS program director for review.