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General Information

Within the INDS program, we perceive our mission is to:

  • Offer a self-designed degree program for undergraduate students who can demonstrate a clear purpose for integrating disciplinary perspectives and applied fields.
  • Provide a writing intensive curriculum and regular student presentations that develop skills in critical thinking, analytical writing, research methods, and communication
  • Present a showcase of interdisciplinary and integrative student research exemplified by each student’s Capstone Project.
  • Contribute research and workshops to the UMBC community and beyond – including the international Association for Integrative Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies awards both BA and BS degrees to UMBC undergraduates who have used the class INDS 335 to assemble a degree proposal and had this proposal approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee (ISC).

Each of our students works with INDS staff and two hand-picked members drawn from the broader UMBC faculty to create this individualized education program. In addition to providing a core curriculum to help students combine courses from different disciplines, we also encourage internships and independent research.