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Degree Proposal Deadlines

In order to graduate with a degree from the INDS program, students must create their own unique proposal for a degree (proposal forms here).

Proposals are evaluated by the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee, which convenes once per month during each teaching semester. Proposals that miss a deadline will be rolled over to the next meeting of the ISC.

Triangle Meeting: It is a very good idea to hold your triangle meeting BEFORE the deadline mentioned below! (Remember: the point of a triangle meeting is to receive input and help from your faculty mentors).

Finished Proposals Due to INDS Office: Please provide both electronic AND hard copy (print out) by 4:30pm in the mailbox of Holly Cudzilo, Fine Arts 009. “Finished proposal” means all signatures, letters of support etc.

ISC Meeting: Students do not attend the ISC meeting, but will receive detailed feedback from their INDS advisor on the Monday after each meeting.

The deadlines for Degree Proposals for this semester are on the following dates: