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Criminal Justice

This is a sample set of learning objectives only. Each INDS student chooses a unique combination of courses as part of their degree proposal.

There are four distinct fields of study that will help me to achieve my goals. Through my degree plan, I intend to::

1. Assess how a person’s interactions in everyday society and the conflicts they face can potentially lead them to walk a path of criminality.
– SOCY 397: The Sociology of White Collar Crime
– SOCY 371: Criminology and Penology
– SOCY 201: Social Problems in American Society
– SOCY 330: Deviance in Contemporary Society
– SOCY 300: Methodology of Social Research or POLI 301: Research Methods in Political Science

2. Investigate the complexities of an individual’s environment and personality in determining their behavior and decisions.
– PSYC 342: Psychology of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior
– PSYC 324: Introduction to Interviewing Techniques or SOWK 388: Human Behavior I
– PSYC 380: Personality
– PSYC 285: Abnormal Psychology

3. Examine how different legal entities deal with criminal behavior and the types of policies in place.
– POLI 334: Judicial Process
– POLI 352: Administrative law
– POLI 233: Common Law and Legal Analysis
– POLI 350: The Policy-Making Process
– POLI 250: Introduction to Public Administration and Policy
– HONR 410: Honors Internship

4. Differentiate between healthy and unhealthy business practices in order to understand corporate culture.
– MGMT 210: The Practice of Management
– MGMT 360: Business Law
– MGMT 385: Business Ethics and Society

5. Gain an understanding of the interdisciplinary process and apply it to my capstone project.
– INDS 330H: Ways of Knowing
– INDS 430: Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar
– INDS 480: Capstone Project Seminar
– INDS 490H: Capstone Project