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Faculty and Staff Beyond

There are 4 main ways in which faculty and staff from beyond INDS (both within the UMBC campus community and beyond) play a role in in our program:

1. As advisors for a specific student

– We are always seeking faculty who are interested in working with our undergraduate students as a mentor. INDS students are often creative and ambitious as they formulate clear academic and career goals beyond the scope of majors offered by other programs on campus. Each student is required to find a faculty advisor from each of the two academic disciplines most strongly represented in their self-designed degree plan. Mentors contribute greatly to student learning in this rewarding and unique experience: responsibilities include consultation on the design of the student’s major, and guidance through the senior capstone project. Faculty advisors receive teaching credit for co-advising the independent research course in the student’s final semester. This is an excellent opportunity for faculty to get involved with student interdisciplinary education and research – and to build new bridges with faculty from other departments into interdisciplinary areas of personal interest. We actively encourage faculty to use these opportunities to explore and pilot their own new ideas for teaching and research. For more information read here

2. As teachers for “special topics” courses

– Our core curriculum includes INDS430, a class in which students meet to explore a specific interdisciplinary topic that varies from one semester to the next. Our program works with UMBC faculty and with appropriately qualified individuals from beyond UMBC who seek to gain experience of teaching at the college level (including practicing professionals) to maintain a constantly-evolving repertoire of courses on topics that relate to our students’ majors. For these “guest” teachers, we offer a structured support network including a dedicated teaching mentor from the INDS staff, training and workshops in the challenges of interdisciplinary education. If you have an idea for a course you would like to teach (or questions about whether this is right for you) then please contact us

3. As members of the INDS Committee (the ISC)

 The INDS program maintains a standing committee of faculty and staff drawn from the broader campus community whose primary job is to help us evaluate student proposals for INDS degrees that maintain the high academic standards of UMBC. This is an excellent way to contribute significant expertise and wisdom over a sustained period of 3 years. Appointments here are by invitation, and usually reflect a move from other types of involvement listed on this page, but we welcome new suggestions! For more information about the ISC, read here

4. As participants in special events

– Each semester and during the summer break, our program hosts several events on topics relating to interdisciplinary research and education that range from presentations and discussions to large audiences of UMBC students to small faculty workshops and training sessions. For a listing of upcoming events, please see our “events” page – but if you would like to register enthusiasm to be involved, or if you have an idea for a specific event, then please contact us